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The hottest beauty essential causing sick obsession!​


ICEbOX™ The beauty organizer celebrities LOVE!

Featured in over 50 magazine publications such as Forbes, Maxim, L’Officiel Monaco, Good Day LA, InTouch Magazine, Instyle, E! Online – Editors Obsessions and organically used and endorsed by over 150 celebrities who are obsessed with their ICEbOX!

Designed with a whole lot of LUV right here in the sunny City of Angels where celebrities are made! 

How has the ICEbOX transformed the beauty industry?

As visionaries who created and pioneered the clear makeup organizer industry on a global scale, ICEbOX by Sherrieblossom has become THE must-have beauty essential not only for celebrities, but for every woman.
ICEbOX has gained worldwide recognition as the most breathtaking design and pristine craftsmanship available.

Sherrieblossom is the only company to design and produce our own line of patented exquisite museum grade acrylic makeup organizers that are flawless and create the illusion your products are floating on thin air. Each ICEbOX is custom made by hand with designer Lucite acrylic invented by Dupont, which reflects the most beautiful colorless fluorescence of any acrylic brand.


Celebrities Become Obsessed!

Sherrieblossom takes pride in fabricating a collection of unsurpassed, flawless, crystal clear museum grade makeup organizers which draws the attention of well-to-do savvy shoppers and a continuously growing celebrity cult following who are looking for more than your average plastic container to organize and display their most coveted beauty products. The ICEbOX allows women to find any product in 2 seconds flat – without digging and searching.

For these reasons and more, our favorite celebrities and women all over the world are obsessed with it! Made only with Lucite designer acrylic which has 100% opacity and won’t dull or discolor over time, proprietary glue which dries invisibly, diamond polished with a real diamond to achieve that magical mirrored reflection and sparkle and meticulously crafted by our master artisans to reduce bubbling to our strict quality standards. The breathtaking craftsmanship resembles a flawless VVS2 D color diamond. Only after 450+ individual, slow, and meticulous handmade steps, can a work of art of this caliber be produced.

We hope our gorgeous collection of luxury beauty organizers makes you feel that celebrity glam each and every morning!


Sherrie <3