*Stay away from common household cleaners such as Windex and products containing alcohol and or harsh chemicals as it will strip the luster and cause crazing (tiny hairline cracks) in the acrylic over time. Keep away from heat from blow dryers, curling irons, light bulbs, direct sunlight, and products containing alcohol such as hairspray, perfume, makeup remover, and other common household products. If these chemicals have come into contact with your ICEbOX rinse immediately and use Novus products to clean.*

Products containing alcohol, ammonia and other chemicals found in common household cleaners and beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, and makeup remover must not come into contact with the acrylic. If the ICEbOX comes in contact with chemicals other than Novus immediately rinse with mild soap, lukewarm water and dry. Above and below room temperatures can cause the glue to expand and contract thus causing bubbling and cracks which are not manufacturer defects. Place in room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight, direct window light, light bulbs, hair dryers, curling irons. Do not stack heavy products on the lid. All four corners of the ICEbOX must sit on a perfectly even a hard surface to prevent tight drawers.

If you experience issues such as crazing or bubbling after use, these issues have arisen due to negligent care and the aformentioned factors and are not covered through warranty. Ensure special care instructions are adhered to at all times.

Tight drawers
Remove all product and drawers completely. Stand directly in front of the organizer using two hands to re-insert each drawer. Shake the drawer vigorously while reinserting. If problem persists, ensure drawers beneath the problem drawer are not overstuffed.

Use only Novus products to care for your ICEbOX: Wiping down water spots and cleaning once a month is recommended. Using household cleaners will strip the luster and cause crazing, which are tiny hairline cracks in the acrylic which is not a manufacturer defect and will not be covered under warranty. You will see a significant difference with just one cleaning session!

Novus Trio Starter Kit includes:

  1. 2 soft towels
  2. Acrylic cleaner
  3. 2 packets #2 scratch remover

Dust before wiping with a very soft and non-abrasive fabric similar to what you'd use on a computer screen or reading glasses such as soft chamois, flannel, or VIVA paper towels. Do not use dark colored or abrasive cloths when using acrylic cleaning agents, which will scuff the organizer and possibly transfer the colored dye when combined. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight as it will compromise the integrity of the ICEbOX. Dry excess water immediately to prevent lime stains. Lime stains can be difficult to remove and sometimes require a lime removing agent which will reduce the high polish.

Alternative cleaning methods:

Very gently wash with mild, dye free, non-perfumed soap using any of the types of fabrics or towels listed above and dry immediately.