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If properly cared for your ICEbOX will continue to look as gorgeous as the first day you received it for many years to come! These instructions must be read before using and exposing your ICEbOX to harmful factors.

*Do not use common household cleaners such as Windex, products containing alcohol, and or harsh chemicals as they will strip the luster and cause crazing (tiny hairline cracks) in the acrylic over time which is permanent damage and irrepairable.

What types of factors cause permanent damage to the ICEbOX?

Daily use of common beauty products such as hairspray, makeup remover, acetone, and Windex can cause permanent damage to the acrylic if not rinsed with lukewarm (not hot or cold) water. Immediately after rinsing the acrylic, dry with a nonabrasive cloth such as a soft chamoise or flannel, and then clean with Novus #1 plastic cleaner.

Using the heater in the house in the winter months can cause the cured glue (which is now a solid) to expand and contract causing the clear solid glue to crack and turn white. We recommend keeping the ICEbOX out of direct sunlight from windows, heat from beauty tools such as curling irons, blow dryers, light bulbs, hot showers, and candles.

Do not use any other type of glue unless it is specially made for acrylic as the composition of glues will vary depending on the material the glue is created for. If your ICEbOX has damaged parts they can only be replaced by purchasing a new part, however there are no guarantees that it will fit perfectly as our machines are often calibrated and there may be slight differences in size.

Do not add crystals to your acrylic as glue used for clothing or other materials is too harsh and will destroy the acrylic and cause it to craze which is permanent damage and not covered under warranty.




Sudden fluctuations from extreme cold to hot and vice versa can cause the glue to expand and contract thus causing a whitish color to appear at the glued joints, cracks to appear and continually spread, and is permanent irrepairable damage. This phenonmenon is not a manufacture defect and is due to negligent care.

Do not stack heavy products on the lid. All four corners of the ICEbOX must sit on a perfectly even a hard surface to ensure even weight distribution.

If you experience issues such as crazing or whitish color appearing at the glue joints after use, these issues have arisen due to negligent care and the aformentioned factors, and are not covered through warranty. Ensure special care instructions are adhered to at all times.

Tight drawers:

Remove all product and drawers completely. Clean sides of the drawer tracks to remove any residue, makeup, or dirt. Stand directly in front of the organizer using two hands to re-insert each drawer onto the tracks. If problem persists, ensure drawers beneath the problem drawer are not overstuffed.


Use only Novus products to care for your ICEbOX: You will see a significant difference with just one cleaning session!

Novus Trio Starter Kit includes:

QTY 2: Spray bottle plastic cleaner

QTY 2: #2 Fine scratch remover

QTY 1: Soft non-abrasive towel

Dust before wiping with a very soft and non-abrasive fabric similar to what you’d use on a computer screen or reading glasses such as soft chamois, flannel, or VIVA paper towels. Do not use dark colored or abrasive cloths when using acrylic cleaning agents, which may scuff the acrylic and possibly transfer the colored dye when combined. Dry excess water immediately to prevent lime stains by using Novus #1 plastic cleaners.


Contact us with any questions you may have! INFO [@]



Due to the high volume of orders we receive and the labor intensive handmade aspect of our museum grade flawless fabrication process, inventory may not always be in stock. Depending on the volume of orders currently in queue during your time of purchase, orders can take approximately 1-8 weeks to complete. Please note that the lead time is in fact an approximation without guarantee and can take longer based on the current volume of orders ahead of yours. 


Once your order has been placed there are NO REFUNDS, however store credit can be issued for up to one year from the date of cancellation only if your order has not yet shipped. Once it is shipped we do not offer returns or exchanges due to the risk of damage upon return. By placing your order you are agreeing to our legally binding terms.

Store Credit:

This can be initiated if your order has not yet shipped and by sending emailing us at info@sherrieblossom with your order number. Please note that AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Comcast customers have been experiencing issues with our activation emails going into spam. Run a search in your spam for “Sherrieblossom” and move all emails to your inbox and add us to your email contacts to ensure proper delivery of order receipts, tracking information, and or newsletters. Leaving our emails in spam will cause future emails to be filtered as spam. Comcast and Optimum email addresses may be spammed so we highly recommend using a Gmail email for registration and correspondences.


Orders are processed based on the date of purchase with oldest orders having priority. It is recommended to order 2 months in advance if you have a deadline. Tracking will be emailed once your order has shipped. All orders are fully insured, so remember to save all of the original packaging to file a claim on our website under Cust Serv – Claims within 72 hours of delivery. Claims that are submitted without all original packaging and box will be denied. Claims filed after 72 hours and also after use of the product will be denied. 

If you received tracking notification and aren’t able to receive the package during the proposed delivery date, you can call the carrier and request a package hold for an in-person pickup or you can email us and give us the dates that you’ll be available to receive your package and we’ll assist in delaying your delivery to a date that you’ll be available. Signature and identification is often required for deliveries.

Customers are responsible for verifying their shipping information. Sherrieblossom does not assume liability for orders shipped with the incorrect shipping address entered during checkout. If you plan to move or will not be available during a delivery, please contact us prior to your ordering being shipped and and provide your dates of availability for delivery.



Lucite is a very delicate material. Hairline scuffs and or scratches may appear on your product(s) due to packaging and or due to the unpacking process upon delivery. We DO NOT replace products which fall under these criteria. Each ICEbOX is thoroughly inspected after production and before packaging. If minor scuffs and scratches are detected it is buffed out with Novus #2 or #3 wax and then packaged. We advise ordering the Novus Kit to ensure your products are properly cared for. Hairline scuffs and scratches will eventually appear due to daily use of your ICEbOX with products inside. The Novus Kit is essential in keeping your ICEbOX in the same new and glossy condition as it arrived. 


Change of Style:

Exchange of styles can be made if your order has not shipped by emailing your request and order number. Customers are advised to read product description located at the very bottom of the product page and measure their space to ensure the style fits their counter space. Customer will be responsible for paying any additional charges for difference in price and shipping if applicable.

If your order is disputed with your credit card after it has already shipped, customer will agree to the below:

  1. $20 intercept fee (US only. International orders may have varying fees dependent on that specific country).
  2. Shipping cost paid for this package will be forfeited and customer must pay the same shipping cost for the return.
  3. 20% restocking fee based on cost of products on the order.
  4. Remaining balance (if any) will be converted into store credit which will expire a year from the date that the refund is issued. Store credit cannot be combined with any coupon code as our website does not support double coupons.


International Orders:

Customers may be responsible for additional duties and or taxes applied by your country. Please contact your local Customs agency for further detail. Canadian orders may or may not be shipped via NAFTA and may avoid duties only if NAFTA is in effect during that time frame.


Free Replacements For Damage:

On rare occasions damage may occur during shipping and we allow each customer 72 hours after delivery to inspect the product for damage, defect, and before use of the product. Should damage or defect be observed, we will gladly replace the product free of charge once the customer files a claim within 72 hours after delivery. 

Customers must follow claims instructions thoroughly. Sherrieblossom reserves the right to deny any claims which have not followed detailed step by step claims instructions.

Sherrieblossom covers all replacements free of charge however; international customers may have to pay the shipping fee again for the replacement package to be shipped. Most couriers offer insurance however; if the package is shipped by USPS, some countries do not offer insurance on packages. Contact your local post office or the carrier offered during the checkout process for more information regarding your country’s insurance policy.

By filing a claim, customer agrees to return the damaged package to the carrier within 10 business days from the date of your claims submission. If a replacement has been delivered to the customer but the damaged product is not returned to the carrier for a damage inspection, customer agrees to pay the full cost of the replacement at current value with the associated shipping cost.



It is extremely important to follow care instructions found here.



By submitting or posting any materials or content on the Site (“User-Generated Content”) and Sherrieblossom’s affiliated social media accounts, you grant to Sherrieblossom a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to copy, publish, translate, modify, reformat, create derivative works from, distribute, reproduce, and sublicense such materials or any parts of such materials. You hereby represent, warrant and covenant that any User-Generated Content you provide does not violate any law or the rights of any third party, and you have full right to grant Sherrieblossom the license specified above. Sherrieblossom shall be entitled to use any User-Generated Content without incurring obligations of confidentiality, attribution or compensation to you.

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