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If properly cared for your ICEbOX will continue to look as gorgeous as the first day you received it for many years to come! These instructions must be read before using and exposing your ICEbOX to harmful factors.

*Do not use common household cleaners such as Windex, products containing alcohol, and or harsh chemicals as they will strip the luster and cause crazing (tiny hairline cracks) in the acrylic over time which is permanent damage and irrepairable.

What types of factors cause permanent damage to the ICEbOX?

Daily use of common beauty products such as hairspray, makeup remover, acetone, products containing alcohol and Windex or glass cleaners can cause permanent damage to the acrylic if not rinsed with lukewarm (not hot or cold) water. Immediately after rinsing the acrylic, dry with a nonabrasive cloth such as a soft chamois or flannel, followed with Novus #1 plastic cleaner.

Using the heater in the house in the winter months can cause the cured glue (which is in a solid state) to expand and contract causing the clear solid glue to crack and turn white. We recommend keeping the ICEbOX out of direct sunlight from windows, heat from beauty tools such as curling irons, blow dryer, light bulbs, hot showers, and candles.

Do not use any other type of glue unless it is specially made for acrylic as the composition of different glues will vary depending on the material the glue is created for. If your ICEbOX has damaged parts they can only be replaced by purchasing a new part, however there are no guarantees that it will fit perfectly as our machines are often calibrated and there may be slight differences in size between each production batch so it is recommended to order all the accessories you for your style at the same timeframe as your ICEbOX purchase. 

Do not add crystals to your acrylic as the glue used for clothing or other crafts may be too harsh and will destroy the acrylic and cause it to craze, which is permanent damage and not covered under warranty.

Sudden fluctuations from extreme cold to hot and vice versa can cause the glue to expand and contract thus causing a whitish color to appear at the glued joints, cracks to appear and continually spread, is permanent and irrepairable damage. This phenomenon is not a manufacture defect and is due to negligent care.

Do not stack heavy products on the lid. All four corners of the ICEbOX must sit on a perfectly even a hard surface to ensure even weight distribution.

If you experience issues such as crazing or whitish color appearing at the glue joints after use, these issues have arisen due to negligent care and the aforementioned factors, and are not covered through warranty. Ensure special care instructions are adhered to at all times.

Tight drawers:

Remove all product and drawers completely. Clean sides of the drawer tracks to remove any residue, makeup, or dirt. Stand directly in front of the organizer using two hands to re-insert each drawer onto the tracks. If problem persists, ensure drawers beneath the problem drawer are not overstuffed.

Use only Novus products to care for your ICEbOX: You will see a significant difference with just one cleaning session!

Novus Starter Kit includes

QTY 1: Spray bottle plastic cleaner

QTY 2: #2 Fine scratch remover wax

QTY 1: Soft non-abrasive towel

Dust before wiping with a very soft and non-abrasive fabric similar to what you’d use on a computer screen or reading glasses such as soft chamois, flannel, or VIVA paper towels. Do not use dark colored or abrasive cloths when using acrylic cleaning agents, which may scuff the acrylic and possibly transfer the colored dye when combined. Dry excess water immediately to prevent lime stains by using Novus #1 plastic cleaners.

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