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We apologize for the damage your package has incurred. Please follow the instructions below to properly submit your claim.

Customers must read and follow each category in a step-by-step manner. If there is insufficient information provided as requested, the claim will be denied.



Please complete the form below within 5 business days from delivery.

The warranty covers only the first 5 days from the date of delivery and before the product is used. If this timeframe is exceeded, the guarantee expires, as we do not cover products beyond this point due to potential use and wear and tear.

Customers are legally bound to these terms as per the agreed-upon Terms & Conditions during the checkout process.

Note: Slight hairline scuffs, scratches, or bubbles are not considered defects, and a claim cannot be filed for these issues. Scuffs may appear during the unwrapping process, which is common with acrylic products. Both light and deep scuffs and scratches can be easily removed by using Novus #2 or #3 wax. Bubbles are a natural occurrence in the curing process.


Claim Process Instructions:

To ensure the acceptance and approval of your claim, please follow the detailed process outlined below.

Sherrieblossom serves as a liaison, assisting customers in submitting the required information to the specific courier. 

There are two parts to claiming your replacement:

Fill out the form below with the requested images for all packages.


If your order was shipped via:

UPS & FEDEX – fill out the form below and keep the package until further notice from sherrieblossom or UPS.

USPS or your local post office – USPS and your local post office (international orders included) have on occasion, required the customer to bring the package to the courier’s local post office and request a damage inspection.

When bringing the package to the USPS or your local post office for a damage inspection, please bring the original shipping carton and all the original packaging material.

Repack the product as close as possible to its original state without sealing it prior to arriving at USPS or your country’s local post office.

Upon receiving a claim inspection confirmation note from the USPS agent, please email a copy to, with the tracking number in the subject line. 

Keep in mind that international protocols for each country’s claims process may vary, and we are bound by their specific protocols.

Note: USPS may take possession of the package.


Take into consideration the position of the shipping carton and the panels depicted on the images. You will need to replicate each one exactly as shown.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will process your replacment as soon as possible. Please fill out the claim form below. Thank you for your cooperation.

Type of Claim
Select The Damaged Product


Keep all inserts and accessories which was shipped with your organizer that is not damaged and return the accessories which are damaged with your package. Return only the frame and drawers.

The carrier will take ownership of the package and any extra accessories purchased will not be replaced unless they are returned, deemed damaged upon inspection and is notated on your claims submission.

The product must be repackaged in the same manner in which it was received with all of its original packaging material and shipping box to be approved.

Customers must securely wrap all sides of the product with bubble and inserts must be securely wrapped as they arrived with any exposed acrylic.

Failure to comply may delay or void your claim altogether.


For packages mailed with USPS – Please email us the damage report with the tracking number in the subject line to

For packages mailed with UPS, FEDEX, DHL – Once your claim has been submitted here, we will request a carrier pickup the following business day from 9 am – 8 pm at the delivery location. Pickups cannot be scheduled. A return label is not needed nor can the damaged package be dropped off at the carrier location. If you are not present during the pickup, you may leave the package in a safe and secure location where the driver can access it. If the package is unavailable for pickup on the first business day following your claim, the driver will leave a “damage call tag” notice stating the next pickup schedule and will make a total of three attempts to retrieve the package.


Please note that there is a risk to leaving packages unattended during pickup. If the damaged package is lost or stolen before it is picked up, your claim for a free replacement will automatically void.


For packages mailed with UPS, FEDEX, DHL – Once your damaged package is picked up, send us an email and in the subject line write “Confirmed Damage Call Tag Pickup” with your tracking number.

Your replacement will then be dispatched if it is in stock. If inventory is unavailable, it will be shipped once inventory is available. Please refer to the agreed upon Terms & Conditions on check out and on your email receipt for full details.

International Claims:

If your shipping label is FedEx or UPS, follow the instructions above
If your shipping label is from USPS, fill out this claim form within 5 days from the delivery date and contact your local post office for details on opening a claim and damage inspection. Free replacements are offered after a claim has been submitted and approved by the carrier.
Please note that some countries do not offer insurance so replacements cannot be offered unless the destination address offers carrier insurance.

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