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The Sherrieblossom brand ICEbOX has an acclaimed notoriety and a well-deserved reputation of exceptional world class quality, customer service, and the most sought after design.We are proud to announce ICEbOX was offered by Neiman Marcus – the mothership of all luxurious designer labels from across the globe, and will be available at select locations in 2012. Knowing that the ICEbOX is the only acrylic makeup organizer selected by Neiman Marcus will give you peace of mind that the Sherrieblossom brand represents the essence of pure luxury.



At Sherrieblossom we are firmly committed to ensuring the product we manufacture for our customers surpasses the highest standards of workmanship and quality. To achieve this, we have implemented a rigorous quality control inspection which monitors the product through all stages of the manufacturing cycle, through to our custom made packaging, and final inspection before shipping.

Should a product at any point in this process be observed as defective by our experienced staff, it is immediately pulled and replaced. On rare occasion damage may occur during shipping and we allow each customer 48 hours after delivery to inspect the product for damage and or defect.

Should damage or defect be observed we will gladly replace the product free of charge once the customer files a claim here within 48 hours after delivery. International customers must pay replacement shipping cost. Should damage not be observed by the customer during the initial 48 hour period, the customer forfeits their right to a free replacement (see Terms & Conditions at checkout which each customer must read and agree to during checkout).



Due to the delicate nature of the ICEbOX, there is a greater risk of being scratched, damaged, or mishandled when improperly packaged upon return. If the ICEbOX is returned damaged or scratched, it cannot be repaired. Some companies will allow refunds only to re-sell the returns to another customer. Each ICEbOX arrives brand new and customers will never receive a returned or used product, therefor we do not accept returns or refunds after the product is shipped.



Although there are no refunds, we will replace the organizer at no charge if it arrives damaged or defective upon inspection and a claim is filed with the associated requested files.

US 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES: Customers are able to request store credit which lasts up to one year from date of claim. Replacement shipping cost is free.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: INCLUDES NON-CONTIGUOUS US STATES TO INCLUDE ALASKA and HAWAII are entitled to a replacement however, customer is responsible for replacement shipping cost if your country does not provide insurance for shipped packages. Damage and or defective products will be assessed during company or carrier inspection and status updates will be emailed to the customer.

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