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The pioneer that started the clear makeup organizer revolution!

All about the ICEbOX - 12 Points to help you make an educated buying decision!

The Sherrieblossom brand has gained immense popularity with A-list celebrities and currently in world-wide demand.

The Sherrieblossom brand has gained immense popularity with A-list celebrities and currently in world-wide demand.

Our demand has increased solely through firsthand referrals from ecstatic customers and celebrities who have shared their discovery with friends and family. In a continuing effort to maintain the most pristine and invisible makeup organizer in the world, The Sherrieblossom Company incorporates slight changes to each batch of production when required. Due to the countless knock-off and inferior brands on the market, consumers require more information to make an educated buying decision. Some customers have submitted photos of inferior brands which did not live up to their advertised quality, nor did they compare to the exceptional museum grade standard the ICEbOX is acclaimed for. 

Our products gained notoriety through word of mouth referrals from loyal customers and our celebrity clients. We do not pay for celebrity endorsements.

The ICEbOX has been declared the sexiest, sleekest, and most contemporary design. Thousands of Happy Customers and growing!



1. Made with Lucite acrylic invented by Dupont – 

A high-end, name designer acrylic with the most beautiful colorless fluorescence of any acrylic brand on the market with a 100% opacity level. If you are familiar with the difference between the clarity and color of diamonds, The Sherrieblossom Company uses the same comparison with different brands of acrylic. Many inferior brands use recycled acrylic with a foggy transparency and which often times exudes a more vivid blue, purple, or yellowish tint and overtime will turn yellowish and or brownish in color. These types of inferior acrylics require minimal experience to glue and are much more affordable than Lucite. Lucite is a very expensive and difficult acrylic to fabricate with and therefor, not commonly used due to the skillset required to fabricate with.

Pictured below is Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County being interviewed by OK Magazine and showing off her favorite makeup organizer. She upgraded from an inferior organizer (L) to the ICEbOX SKINNY (R). Notice the diamond polish that creates that magical sparkle and mirrored reflection? Since this feature, Sherrieblossom has increased the thickness of the Lucite acrylic of the ICEbOX and the dividers.

2. Made with a diamond polish

A diamond polish is achieved using a machine that uses a real spinning diamond to polish every cut edge of the Lucite acrylic and creates a magical, sparkling, mirrored luster that reflects a beautiful glow! Our previous production throughout the years required over 350 individual handmade steps to produce just one ICEbOX. Our current process with the diamond polish requires over 450 individual and meticulous handmade steps to produce each magnificent sparkling ICEbOX.


3. The ICEbOX boasts our signature streamlined handles

Handles are streamlined to the organizer to promote a seamless, crystal clear aesthetic. The competitors’ handles, whether rectangular or flat, traps in light, which prevents the cube from having a flawless presentation, and prevents an ergonomic grip. Flimsy and flat rectangular shaped handles pose greater risk of breaking and can also prevent drawers from effortlessly sliding. 

Our cylindrical handles are extremely difficult to fabricate and glue due to the magnification process of any bubbles. Although bubbles. are a natural occurance of the curing process, bubbles the size of a pepper flake will be magnified up to 20x causing the handles to lose it’s flawless appeal. For these reasons we only allow our master artisans to fabricate this special aspect of the ICEbOX. Many competitors will often use low grade acrylic rod handles that are full of large bubbles however, utilizing editing practices to remove the visible white bubbles in their product pictures. Sherrieblossom is the only company in the world that produces pristine beauty organizers. At certain angles, our rod handles disappear altogether, leaving a breathless and unobstructed view of your coveted beauty products.


Flimsy handles can cause the drawer to crack with the same effect as glass. Cracked acrylic cannot be repaired and only replaced. Our signature handles require not only extreme and meticulous precision, but also a unique style of application derived from 40 plus years of artisanal fabrication experience. The shape of our signature handles allow you to see right through to your products without obstruction.

NOTE: Varying handle shapes were fabricated and tested with the ICEBOX design, and the end result is our current signature handle which is both aesthetically appealing, durable, and conducive to our goal of producing the most invisible organizer in the world!



4. Our design has a beautiful piano hinge which lays flush with the organizer lid. The 12″ hinge runs along a majority of the lid and offers the most durable reinforcement for daily use. Inferior brands will utilize a more affordable and unappealing type of hinge, consisting of two separate small hinges which protrude. Those types of hinges do not reinforce the entire lid area as does the ICEbOX piano hinge, and over time, could easily break from daily wear and tear. These are just a few telltale signs of sub-par quality produced overseas and domestic knock-off brands. The piano hinge allows the lid to fold all the way back where it disappears flush to the back of the ICEbOX so you can stand even taller products upright.

5. Knock-offs offer sub-par craftsmanship, inferior material, and an unattractive design. You’ll also notice that the ICEbOX is made without a handle on the lid. A lid handle prevents complete utility with the space on the lid and obstructs the sleek appeal. See the difference in the amazing quality The Sherrieblossom Company produces below!




6. Each insert design is multi-functional and can accommodate even larger space. The X insert for the lid is removable and may be stacked on the same side to create a larger space on the opposite side. The grid insert comes with 3 pieces. Remove a piece to create one side with larger pockets. Our unique insert designs, beautiful cylindrical handles, and flush piano hinge are just a few small details which allow the ICEbOX to have a crystal clear, absolutely seamless flow. All inserts are individually hand flamed to create the sparkling effect and promote the seamless clarity. These small but intricate details are what makes our organizers the most breathtaking quality across the globe.


7. Many retailers and re-sellers order their organizers from a template design from China. It would not be unusual to receive used and recycled acrylic. These risks are seldom made public to their patrons. Recycled acrylic could yellow in a matter of a year with any type of sun exposure from your window. Although many retailers might be informed that they are receiving quality material and or Lucite acrylic, there is no guarantee when ordering from inferior brands. They are merely resellers and are not designers nor artisanal fabricators. Only a trained eye can differentiate between new and recycled acrylic. 

When comparing the ICEbOX side by side with other brands, you’ll notice a difference in the acrylic color throughout the seams of the organizer with other brands. Some glue seams are greenish and discolored and is an entirely different color than other parts of the organizer, which may have a purple, blue, or white undertone. Having differing undertones in the acrylic seams is a good indication that the organizer was made from different brands of acrylic from multiple manufacturers. This is a common and more affordable way of production and another telltale sign of products produced in China and sub-par quality from knock-off brands in the US.

8. The Sherrieblossom Company is the only company that designs and produces our own line of breathtaking acrylic makeup organizers in the U.S. Many have falsely claimed “Made in the USA” but they are clearly ordered from abroad. Many have also claimed made with “Lucite” however, they are made with inferior brands of acrylic. There are plenty of viral videos produced by bloggers presenting biased and false claims regarding competing brands, in return for a free sample(s).

9. Certain makeup organizers are made from moldings which is one the most affordable types of production. Purchasing organizers made from moldings is to the likes of paying $150-$300 for simple Tupperware, punched out in high volume with a machine. Moldings lack the intricate detail and meticulous attention that a handmade product delivers. Many also claim that their acrylic organizers are “Heavy Duty” and also “3/8 inch” thick when in fact, they are not. There have also been hype created with acrylic makeup organizers as thick as aquariums. Although that may sometimes hold true, having that specific thickness is not conducive to creating the seamless and invisible appeal that the ICEbOX fervently aspires to maintain. Keep in mind we are not in business to produce aquariums, therefor the ICEbOX declines to be held to that standard of those types of fabrication specifications.


10. Although bubbling is a natural occurrence in the gluing process, we take extra measures to reduce bubbling by re-doing certain parts. A few of the most important factors in creating the most invisible makeup organizer on the market is the technique and application of the glue, which is a skill set our seasoned fabricators have mastered. We also have our proprietary glue which promotes a more invisible seam. Our proprietary glue is so invisible, it creates the illusion your makeup is floating in thin air!

11. Each seam of the organizer and each seam of the tops, bottoms, and sides of the drawers are carefully flame polished by hand at the perfect temperature and speed to promote the most amazing reflection and clarity.

12. As petroleum prices increase, as will the cost of acrylic. Acrylic is derived from petroleum and the ICEbOX cost is subject to the direct increase(s).The final product which consists of over 450 individual and meticulous handmade steps is the most exquisite, functional design and sexy design – The ICEbOX!



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