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As a show of appreciation to our customers Sherrieblossom continually holds raffles to win a FREE ICEbOX! It's so easy to win!

If you've ever purchased an ICEbOX, you will always be eligible to enter any open drawings by referring your friends who purchases of ICEbOX!

The rules are really simple for the private raffle!


What better way to pamper and reward our loyal customers than by offering them a thrilling opportunity to win a luxurious ICEbOX, a treasure to cherish or bestow as a gift? We created a dual raffle system, with both private and public draws. 

If you’ve ever purchased an ICEbOX you’re eligible for this raffle simply by referring friends who order an ICEbOX. 
The private raffle exclusively caters to our loyal customers who have purchased the Sherrieblossom brand’s exquisite collection of acrylic makeup organizers. These rules ensure that the number of entries remains limited, increasing your chances of winning! 

Our raffles generally have only 1-2 contestants per drawing! Send us an email with their name and order number after they’ve purchased and your name will be entered into the current month’s raffle. 

Example: If you have two referrals, your name will be entered according to the amount of referrals you submit for that specific month’s raffle.

New raffles begin every month so you can enter as many times as you have referrals! 



Follow us on Instagram @sherrieblossom or Twitter @sherrieblossom for announcements on giveaways! Make sure to participate by liking and commenting. Turn on post notifications on our Instagram page so you never miss out! We just gave away 2 Little London ICEbOX in our Besties Giveaway!

Good luck everyone and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and spread the love! Thank you all for participating and let’s get the next contest rolling!

See our winners below!


Raffle 6: Mother's Day for the ICEbOX Stardust! ENTER ON INSTAGRAM @sherrieblossom



IG @lynzeenx Winner of the Shorty Skinny

IG @russian_girl1 Winner of the Shorty Wide

IG @berni1409 Winner of the ICEbOX SKINNY

IG @make_upbyjacklin Winner of the ICEbOX WIDE

[CLOSED] Raffle 3: Kari Knotts- Boring, Oregon- Winner of the SHORTY WIDE (4 contestants)

“Whenever I order items online, I eagerly await their arrival and hope they live up to my expectations. Of course, they rarely do. Imagine my surprise when I opened my Icebox and it was even better than I could have ever dreamed. It is absolutely my favorite product ever purchased. I love it so much that my best friends now own Iceboxes and they love them as much as I do. It is the perfect gift for yourself and your dearest of friends. It will be the best item you will ever purchase! Now I have two, and think I may need at least one more. The possibilities for its uses are endless. The customer service is outstanding, both in quality and friendliness, and surpasses any other company out there.”

[CLOSED] Raffle 4: Dawn Beto - Morgantown, WV. Winner of the SHORTY WIDE (1 contestant)

“I searched long and hard before I made my purchase. Not all are created equal and this is definitely the best! Good things take time and it will be worth your wait!I am so happy with my newest ICE bOX! I have had my first one since last year and it is holding up very well! I love having everything clean and organized and looking beautiful.”

[CLOSED] Raffle 2: Larissa Robinson- Point Pleasant, NJ- Winner of the SHORTY WIDE (26 contestants)

“I couldn’t have been more excited to win the shorty wide! I never win anything! I felt like I had just won the lottery. My mom has been wanting one so I gave her the one that I won! She keeps her jewelry in it and loves it! We both absolutely love our iceboxes from Sherrieblossom. Thanks so much Sherrie

[CLOSED] Raffle 1: Trina Alexander- Atlanta, GA- Winner of the unreleased SKINNY MINI (5 contestants)

I received my ICEBOX MINI and I love it!! It is absolutely gorgeous. It definitely exceeded my expectations.”

Rules are simple!

If at any time, you’ve ever purchased an ICEbOX, you’re ALWAYS eligible to enter any private drawings we have open. We keep the drawing closed to the public so that our customers have a higher chance of winning!


Q: How do I get referrals?

A: Send the contest flyer to everyone you know and ask them to forward it to all of their friends. You can request a flyer by emailing us at – subject: “SEND FLYER”. It takes our customers sending to approximately 25 friends to attain one referral. Send it to 50 friends and your chances of attaining more than one referral will increase.You do not need a flyer to get entered!

Q: What if I have more than one referral?

A: You’ll be entered into the current contest as many times as you refer a friend who purchases. Have 5 friends who have ordered? You’ll be entered 5 times into the same drawing, thus increasing your chances of winning.

Q: Where do I send the names of my referral who have purchased?

A: Email us at with subject: “CONTEST REFERRAL NAME”; body- your name and your referral’s name. We’ll then verify both parties who have purchased.

Q: When will the drawing be held?

A: Drawing will be held after deadline announcement. Notifications will be sent to all registered users announcing the winner.

Q: What if I haven’t ordered yet but have referred my friend?

A: Once you place your order, you can use your referrals name to get entered into whichever drawing is currently open at that time. If you’ve passed the deadline for submission, you can use the referral to enter the next private contest.


Winner agrees to pay shipping, post a picture of them with their prize on their social media pages (must be on public),  and follow @sherrieblossom, tag and mention “ICEbOX by @sherrieblossom” within one week of receiving their prize. If you’ve used a referral in previous drawings, you must submit a new referral for the current drawing. Referrals can only be used once for each order in each drawing.



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