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OMGGGG I'm just lovin my ICEbOX SKINNY! I love it love it love it! I just had a brand new baby girl and having to tend to all my little ones keeps me so busy with barely any time for myself. I needed to get organized and I wanted to get dressed up and make myself feel like a million bucks again but after having my third child, I was out of energy and out of time so I decided to spoil myself and get an ICEbOX. There were so many reasons I decided to order but seeing as this is online ordering and you can't really tell how a product will look in person as opposed to the online pics, what really sold me was the customer service.

The customer service was "A class"! Emails and questions were answered professionally and thoroughly each time within a heartbeat. They really are passionate about their products and know their stuff.

When I got my Skinny, I didn't know what to expect but after opening the box up, I couldn't help but to marvel at the quality. It was so clear, so unbelievably shiny, it made me feel as if someone just shipped me a 20,000 carat diamond in a box! haha The quality exceeded my expectations and the craftsmanship can be seen and felt the second you prop it onto your counter and get yourself organized. Now I can get dressed every morning without running around looking for my beauty items and best of all, I don't have my kids digging through my makeup and misplacing them. I finally have the time and energy to get dressed up every morning because I have everything so organized! I can't say enough about how happy I am with my purchase!!!! This is THE perfect gift to give any of my friends or family! I don't have to stress myself out anymore trying to figure out what to give someone for birthdays or holidays! I'm definitely buying my mom one for Mother's Day. Thank you so much Sherrieblossom! You've put some life back into this almost lifeless mother of three! I'll be returning for more and more and more! xoxoox
Posted By: Lillian
Mommy of 3 beautiful little girls, Pacific Palisades, CA
My husband surprised me on Christmas eve by gifting me the Icebox Wide. I freakin love it so much. I researched acrylic organizers for months and always came back to Sherri Blossom. This product is so crystal clear, you do not see any glue and the drawers open and close smoothly. My Icebox looks great on my dresser and now I don't have to pull out my ugly black and bulky old box from my closet. The grid and inserts are awesome. Now I have the ability to organize eyes, face and lips by drawers and sections. I've emailed Sherri Blossom in the past with questions and so has my husband. We received responses almost instantly,we didn't have to wait until the following day. The box arrived very well protected and in less than 1 week! We don't have anything bad to say about our experience. My daughter and I are both IN LOVE with our new toy! I will definitely purchase more....Shorty Skinny here I come. Now off to MAC AND Sephora to fill up my box. Thank you Sherri Blossom ;)
Posted By: Michelle Rodriguez
Mother, nursing student, loan undrwritter, New York
I love my new Ice Box because I finally have a solution to organizing all my make-up and beauty products. I bought the full size box and it perfectly fits all my products with room for more! The inserts are great because it allows me to organize each product by category making it easier to get ready in the morning. All my eye and lip products are separate now instead of in one big drawer. And my make-up brushes and perfumes fit on the top neatly. My boyfriend loves it too because finally our bathroom has some order to it. I ordered my Ice Box during the holiday season and I found shipping to be quick and timely. This has been one of my best purchases of 2012 and I'm so glad I made the decision!
Posted By: Katherine Arango
New York, NY
My husband gave me this for christmas. I was excited to receive this and can't wait to get all my makeup organized. It is so beautiful and I love my icebox and my husband for getting it for me.
Posted By: Ann
Mom of 6, Florida
I bought the full sized unit for my friend as a Christmas present. She loves it!!! As a man, the idea of a special piece of equipment for a certian purpose makes lots of sense and she is the single most organized individual I have ever known so this was a perfect gift. It arrived as Sherrieblossom promised and it was double boxed with a thick layer of bubble wrap around the inner box. Very well done and top quality gift! I highly recommend other men following the idea of giving a perfect gift!
Posted By: Robert Mills
Friend of recipient, East Lyme, CT

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