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I am so happy with my newest ICE bOX! I have had my first one since last year and it is holding up very well! I love having everything clean and organized and looking beautiful.
I searched long and hard before I made my purchase. Not all are created equal and this is definitely the best! Good things take time and it will be worth your wait!
Posted By: Kari Knotts
Wife and Mother, Boring, Or
As a Hollywood Beauty Host/ Author & Reporter I have seen the best of the best but I just got my Clear ICE box today and it is another level of gorgeous!!! I love it. Can't wait to get all my make up organized and Beautifully placed inside it. Thank u Sherri for creating something so Amazing. I will send pixs & tweet u. Beauty & Blessings,
Kym Douglas
Posted By: Kym Douglas
Celebrity Style Host - Regular host on The Ellen Show with Ellen Degeneres, The Doctos with Dr Phil, and Good Day LA, Los Angeles, CA
Make-up Lovers ck out the IceBox! A fab new chest that holds everything!
Posted By: Leeza Gibbons
Entertainment Tonight Host - Extra TV Host, Los Angeles CA
IT TOOK ME ABOUT 8 MONTHS LOOKING FOR A MAKEUP ORGANIZER AND I REMENBER WHEN I GOOGLE ACRYLIC MAKEUP ORGANIZER SHERRIEBLOSSOM POPPED OUT FIRST AND AT FIRST I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLLYY EXPENSIVE TO PURCHASE..but i read their FAQ/care and it mentions that its a lucite acrylic,it convinced me lol and i purchased the icebox skinny like last week of october and i barely received it today.. the communication with the sherrieblossom company was awesome they informed everything and letting me know that its going to take some time to deliver.. that only thing that bothered me was that they told me it was going to be deliver on 11/6 so when that day came they had to change the delivery time so i had to wait till 11/30..overall my icebox is amazing and its soooo crystal clear :D you cant even see the glue! :D this is a luxerious product and i dont regret it 0f buying it...passing the holidays i will purchase more iceboxes.. its really worth it.. im really happy! thank you sherrieblossom i will be a returning customer :) GOD BLESS YOU <3
Posted By: marissa
college student & soon to be a certified makeup artist :)
I bought this item for my wife and she loved it and i had a super easy time buying this on amazon. This is an amazing company and they made good on the delivery date which was very important to me.
Posted By: Doug Moore
Loving husband, inland empire

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