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I literally cannot say enough great things about Sherri Blossom and the company that she is running!
I am completely obsessed with makeup and beauty products, and have been desperately searching for a functional place to store my products, for years!! On my hunt for a clear organizer, that had enough space to fit all of my products, I came across Sherri's website and fell in love! When I was looking through the pictures of the entire Icebox collection, I realized that this was the first organizer that I found that catered to the girl with too much stuff :) I took the time to read comments from โ€œhappy customersโ€ and I was completely sold. I placed my order the same day!
Like most of the ladies, I waited patiently for my organizer which took some time to receive. Before I even placed my order, Sherri set the expectation that these do take some time to make because of their amazing quality. When I finally received my box I was devastated to see damages from shipping. I emailed Sherri's pictures that night, and when I woke the next day, had two emails in my inbox from her! She was so concerned about fixing this as soon as possible for me; she sent me another box that exact day and worked with the shipping company to file a claim for me. She kept in contact with me from the very beginning up until the end โ€“ and then some! This beyond exceeded my expectations. I expected to have to go through a long and tedious process to receive a perfect Icebox. Instead, Sherri completely blew me away with her dedication to making sure I was happy. Sherri has treated me like absolute GOLD and her commitment to customer service is unparalleled. I am a customer for life and have already bought another Icebox! Sherri โ€“ I appreciate you so much and could not be happier with my product! Thank you for your commitment to excellence and I am so glad we have been able to form a friendship along the way. XO
Posted By: Christina <3
Sunny California
I love my boxes!!! I first got the wide one and I was in love with so much that I even got the mini box.. Its great and sherri is so amazing at helping you out and she packs it so beautifully that its safe and not damaged when it gets to you. Everyone that comes over and sees it in my room is like OMG is that the Kardashian box and Im like yes it is and it makes me feel so glamourous!!! Listen to me trust me you wont go wrong the iceboxs are amazing!!!
Posted By: Nikki Djekovic
Student, Bronx, NY
My husband is so wonderful! He surprised me with a Shorty Wide to store all my jewelry and beauty products in! I didn't know anything like this existed and it was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift he came up with of his own accord. It's been such a wonder how I ever functioned without it all these years. Now I can see all my beautiful jewelry without the monotonous daily treasure hunts to find the perfect jewelry for my outfit. The Shorty Wide still had so much room to spare that I had room for my beauty products as well. The quality is just phenomenal and I love it so much!! This organizer is so functional and versatile that I already want another one!
Posted By: Rina Campos
Happily Married Wifey, Fresno, Ca
I absolutely love my new Icebox! After shopping around and searching online for the perfect makeup organizer I always found myself going back to the SherriBlossom website. I was a little hesitant to order because I wasn't sure if I had enough room for it and I've always been anti ordering things online. As soon as I opened the delivery box for the Icebox I was obsessed. The Icebox was worth every dollar I spent on it and it was built to perfection. I finally have the perfect organizer thanks to Sherrie Blossom! :)
Posted By: Hiba Benny
Student at SDSU, San Diego, California
I saw the Sherrie blossom organizer on the Kim Kardashian Reality Show. I freaked out and had to have it! I am so happy to have made this purchase! I love that the organizer is crystal clear acrylic so I can see my makeup inside. It's a sleek and sexy design and a must have for all you bombshell's out there! The organizer is multi-functional. On the top I organized my La Prairie creme's and because of the diagonal dividers I was able to cross-fit my perfumes! Wah Lah! I emailed the Sherrie Blossom team back and fourth with a few questions and they were so wonderful about corresponding. I really feel that they went the extra mile to make me happy! And let's be real, If it's good enough for a Kardashian, it's good enough for me! I love you Sherrie Blossome!!!!!!!!

Carley Corbin
Posted By: Carley Corbin
Actress & Model, Los Angeles

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