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I researched and researched to find the perfect makeup organizer. After hemming, hawing, and emails back and forth with Sherrie. I decided to make a big investment and get an Icebox. Although it is a big purchase, it's an awesome one! I waited anxiously for its arrival and couldn't get it open quick enough. It was well worth the wait! The quality is definetly superb and Sherrie is just a pleasure to work with. The Icebox arrived well padded and protected in perfect condition. So true, you have to clean your makeup off before you organize it in your Icebox. It just looks too perfect to put dirty makeup in! Sherrie you are great and are running an amazing business. I know your product will be a hit at Neiman Marcus.
Posted By: Larissa Robinson
Mother of two beautiful girls, wife, nurse, and makeup lover!, Point Pleasant, NJ
This is the perfect makeup box you can own. I was looking for a makeup box for so long and i just couldn't find the right one. The moment i saw sherries website i new this was the perfect choice for me. It looks even better in person. The quality is amazing Its so shiny and smooth. If your having a hard time deciding on wich one you want email sherrie she is so helpfull and will always email you back.
Posted By: Sol
Im in love with my icebox <3 its fabulous! Its so shiny and clear it looks like it would be made out of glass. I cant wait to fill it up with all my makeup. I recommend to clean your makeup first. I was so impressed by the customer service. Any question i had it would be replied so quick. Ladies this is a must have<3
Posted By: Belen
Ontario, California
I received my new Icebox today. Amazing, just amazing. I love it!! I couldn't wait to fill it up. Once my girls see it they are going to each want one too! The quality is fantastic. Worth the wait.......
Dealing with Sherri was also wonderful. When I emailed her, she always emailed me right back.
I'm sure when my girls get home from college this summer, I will be ordering a few more............

However, being home alone, it was very difficult to take a good picture with me in it!!! My icebox looks great, I'm in the background in the mirror taking the picture...........
Posted By: robin rick
Equestrian.., Malibu, California
I am completely in love with my Sherriblossom wide ICEBOX!!! I have been anxiously tracking its arrival and was like a little kid enthusiastically ripping the box apart when it arrived last night. I couldn't be more pleased with its superior quality and sleek design. The piece is so luxurious and gorgeous to look at that I made sure to clean my makeup before I arranged it in the icebox so I wouldn't tarnish its luster. I am delighted how easily accessible and organized my makeup is now. I can't wait to show off this one of a kind masterpiece. This entire experience has been surreal. The customer service is superb and excellent. I was informed regarding the item every step of the way and have no complaints. Sherriblossom aims to please and does not disappoint.
Posted By: Simmy Sangha
Nurse and also back in school completing my FNP degree and a mothter to a beautiful 5-year old daughter, Illinois

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