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I got my IceBox and could not be any more excited!! I took it out of the box and straight to my bathroom to start loading it up! Of course I had to clean every piece of makeup I own before putting it in its new home. Didn't want to dirty up my gorgeous new IceBox!
I am super impressed with the amazing quality of the box. Its strong and sturdy and the drawers are not weak and flimsy as you slide them open and shut. It truly is put together flawlessly!
I was also very surprised by the customer service and how prompt Sherrie was in answering my questions. Thank you Sherrie for such a wonderful product and for being so attentive and thorough when answering my emails. I look forward to my next purchase!!
Posted By: Jami Clark
I LOVE makeup!, Irvine, CA
I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! Very well made and gorgeous! You will not be sorry that you bought one.

Posted By: Veronica
I want an icebox! Can't afford one and have wanted one for over 2 years. I am entering the contest in hopes of winning one. Marci bacon. Friend on Facebook.
Posted By: Marci Bacon
Wichita, KS
I had searched the internet high and low to find the best makeup organiser on the market. As soon as I came across Sherri Blossom I knew instantly my hours of researching was well worth it and I knew I did not need to look any further.
What an amazing product the quality is exceptional. The products used to make the fabulous ICEBOX are top grade. It is just so clear and shiny, you really can see right through it. The draws / handles / hinges are all exceptional. After comparing many other products on the market to this one you can see the ICEBOX wins hands down, it really is the market leader.
I live in Australia and purchase many things online โ€“ the customer service that I have received from Sherri has been phenomenal. I have never come across anyone with as much passion for their product as Sherri. I have sent her many emails with questions on her product, postage etc. and even though there is a huge time difference she has answered me every single time - in record time. She is fantastic; she has a great work ethic and is an outstanding business woman. I hope to meet her one day โ˜บ
I highly recommend Sherri Blossom ICEBOXโ€™s to anyone who is looking to own the very best organiser on the market. You wont be disappointed. The only downfall is you keep buying more cosmetics to fill it up because everything looks so amazing in it.
Posted By: Rose
Qld, Australia
I ordered my first Icebox with the intention of organizing my swarovski crystals. I have not received my box yet but have decided that when it comes I am going to use it for my make up. The box looks so beautiful I had to go out and buy all new make up. I am eagerly awaiting for the arrival of my first ice box so I can decide on what other sizes I will need to organize all my swarovski crystals. In fact, once I get my crystals all organized in the icebox I plan to post a picture of crystal filled icebox on my website. It is going to be a great way to display all the colors and sizes of crystals I carry. Sherrie has been most helpful with all my questions and I cannot wait to make my next purchase!
Posted By: Mindy Grow
I am an organization freak!, Bradenton, FL

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