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Ever since I saw the makeup organizer that the Kardashians had on their show I knew that I had to have one. I looked everywhere but none compared to those offered by sherrieblossom when I saw all the pictures and the videos I absolutely fell in love they were beautiful not only that but the selection was great. I opted for the shorty wide since I wanted something like what the Kardashians had but a bit smaller. When I recieved my Icebox I loved it!!! It was so shiny and beautiful it looks even better in person than in the pictures. Not to mention the customer service it is superb I constantly wrote to Sherrie and she always awnsered ,she was very nice and a down to earth person who loves to get to know her customers. So if anyone is looking for an acrylic organizer I would absolutely recommend Sherrieblossom it is simply the best!
Posted By: Iveliss
A hard working mommy, Springfield, Massachusetts
Firstly, I just would like to say That sherriblossom was the most nicest person to communicate with whilst waiting for my Icebox. She E-mailed me all the time to update me on what was happening and how the process was going, even though she said it would take 20-30 days to arrive it only took about 5 :):) and she was such a nice person to do business with. I was so happy with the customer service and recommend this to EVERY GIRL!!!!!!!!
My ice box arrived, and I am sooo happy with it. I LOVE IT. The Kardashians are my favourite and I watch the series all the time. It all started when I was watching an episode and I saw that they all had these make up boxes so I started looking online for some. I came across afew on Ebay but NONE of them compared to the sherriblossom ones. Just by looking at the pictures and You Tube clips I could tell they were by far the best and worth every penny and I was right they are amazing and they look even better in real life :):) I believe every girl should have one to show off all there make up. The quality of them is fantastic. The acrylic is so strong and all the drawers are so easy to open. My make up looks so neat and organized. I have never been so happy to use my Make up. Thanks so much Sherrie XOXOXOOXOXOXOXOOX
Posted By: Victoria
I Love my IceBox <3<3<3, Adelaide SA
First , let me start by saying that the customer service is not good. It's GREAT! They informed me every step of the production of my baby. I received my ice box yesterday in great condition. The dividers are really easy to place in. The draws are "smooth like butter" as mention on the video. Very clean and super rich looking. Don't be fooled by the others this is the real deal.

If you are reading this testimonial and having 2nd thoughts. Just place the order espicially before they hit neiman marcus.. will be retail higher +. I love it that I'm able to see my make-up and not digging into my make-up bag which is extremely annoying.

Sherrie blosssoms Icebox ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: shelane ramos
new jersey
This was by far the best investment! I already want another! My husband did a lot research for me on the web and came across sherrie blossom after watching the Kardashians. I needed something clean & organized. Was tired of storing in makeup bags and dropping my makeup all the time, which ended up getting tossed. We knew it was a going to make our bathroom cleaner and free up more space for me to apply my makeup everyday with. I have so much room, that I keep buying more makeup! Sherrie has the best customer service! Very prompt and responsive. Everybody is missing out if they don't buy from her! I love my icebox!
Posted By: Natalie Lerma
WBFF Fitness Model
I received my SherrieBlossom IceBox as a gift from my mom and dad, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to store, organize, and showcase my makeup and skincare products. The construction and functionality of the piece are truly commendable while the aesthetics far exceed and surpass anything available on the market. The cleaning and maintenance of the icebox are also effortless. I love sitting at my vanity each morning as I'm able to view all of my lotions and potions in one neat, compartmentalized space. I find that now I am enjoying my makeup more than I ever did and using an array of products more frequently. If you love and collect makeup, skincare products, and/or other beauty related items then SherrieBlossom's icebox is truly a piece worth investing in as you won't be disappointed.
Posted By: Jennifer Barton

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