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I purchased a few of the makeup organizers and worth every penny. I love that all my makeup is organized where I can see everything at once. Sherrie Blossom is the way to go. Thanks Sherrie!!!!!
Posted By: Shawn
This was the best decision I've ever made! I went back and forth on ebay and through various websites and finally ran into the Sherrieblossom brand. So after an entire two weeks of researching, I made the decision to deal with this company because of exceptional customer service, and they treated me like I was very important and was always willing to help me understand the production. Every time I emailed someone on Ebay, it would take days for a response and if I did get a response, they would have absolutely no knowledge of the products they were selling. I eventually found out that the Sherrieblossom company was the only company that really did produce and design their own products in the U.S., unlike all the knock-offs online that use false gimmicks of made in the USA and not using Lucite even they they claim it is.

When I finally got my organizer (took 6 weeks btw) it was so beautiful I actually called Sherrie to personally thank her. She was so happy to hear the excitement on my voice. I even ordered 2 more for my mom who has a lot of skincare and sister. I couldn't believe that it was so pretty in person and although the pictures and videos drove me crazy before ordering,I nearly fell to the floor when I unwrapped the ICEbOX! IT was SO INVISIBLE that while organizing my makekup, I actually slammed my hand into the lid area not knowing that the lid was closed! lol It was shocking that it looked so much shinier and even more invisible than in their advertisements.

Sherrieblossom had so much knowledge about acrylic and the technique they use that I became very impressed and educated in the process of the ICEbOX production. There's so much that goes into every single little detail which I wasn't aware of until I emailed them. They're really passionate about their customers and providing exceptional quality and were really honest about the lead time. They said they expect it to be 20 business days but in the past, it sometimes takes longer due to weather conditions and the fact that they remake a lot of parts until they look perfect! At least I know there's actually someone there inspecting the quality before it's sent out. I sure made a wise decision.

I'm so busy and rarely wore makeup because I was tired of having to take out my 20 year old Samsonite makeup carrier every time to put on makeup, until I got the ICEbOX. Now I just shower and have everything organized right there and always excited to get dressed. Even though my bathroom gets fogged up, I just let the ICEbOX air dry and there are no streaks or water marks from the steam whatsoever. It really surprised me how well this was made.

I would have to say that this is by far the best investment I've ever made with a beauty product and I am extremely satisfied! I won't have to search for the perfect gift anymore. It's a no brainer after seeing the ICEbOX. Good things come to those who wait and with a product as exceptional in quality I would have gladly waited 3 months for it had I known how amazing it looked in person. You'd be a fool to order anywhere else! Muchos Gracias! and I luuuuuuuuuuuv my ICEBOXES!
Posted By: Bo Lee
Mother and Exotic Pomeranian Breeder, Norwalk, CA
I purchased three Iceboxes, one for myself and my two daughters. We all liked how it appeared online but absolutely loved them upon seeing it in person. They are everything we expected. They are true to size, well made, and perfect to fit all of our makeup. The transportation of the iceboxes through shipping was a bit complicated at first but Sherriblossom more than made up for that with their excellent customer service and constant communication. This is a great product that I would definitely refer to friends and it looks identical to the makeup cases the Kardashians have.
Posted By: Michele Overly
Las Vegas, Nevada
Absolutely love it! A must for a girl with slot of makeup!
Posted By: Ava mandelbaum
Hello Sherrieblossom,

Since I watched that famous episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, where Kim and Courtney had the acrylic make up organizer I have wanted one so bad. I searched the internet and YouTube for days, and came across many different companies offering the beautiful acrylic organizer.

What made me decide to go with sherrieblossom was the exceptional customer service and the variety of models and dividers sherrieblossom had to offer. Anytime I sent her an email, and there were many, I would get a reply back in a matter of a couple hours. My questions were always answered very thoroughly and she even replied I weekends when I wasn't expecting an answer until monday. I was so excited to pick my ICEbOX up at the post office and I couldnt wait to open the box up and organize all my make up.

I had a hard time deciding between the tall and wide version mainly because of the difference in price. After talking to Sherrie about this she suggested the wide version because I had been saying I wanted one like the Kardashians. I am so glad that I went with the wide one it is sooooooo pretty, and I looooove the fact that I can see all my makeup. The drawers really do open like butter and the acrylic is so shiny and nice. I have shown a couple of my friends and they looooove it also.

The Sherrieblossom company truly sells an exceptionally beautiful, well made product and paired with their excellent customer service and dedication I would definitely order from them again and recommend them to anyone interested in an ICEbOX.

I will post a pic or video soon on how I organized all my makeup. It really is a lot more fun to get ready in the morning. Thank you so much for the beautiful ICEbOX sherrieblossom.

Posted By: Sharleen
Registered Nurse, Burlington, ON, CA

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