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Hello Sherrieblossom,

Since I watched that famous episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, where Kim and Courtney had the acrylic make up organizer I have wanted one so bad. I searched the internet and YouTube for days, and came across many different companies offering the beautiful acrylic organizer.

What made me decide to go with sherrieblossom was the exceptional customer service and the variety of models and dividers sherrieblossom had to offer. Anytime I sent her an email, and there were many, I would get a reply back in a matter of a couple hours. My questions were always answered very thoroughly and she even replied I weekends when I wasn't expecting an answer until monday. I was so excited to pick my ICEbOX up at the post office and I couldnt wait to open the box up and organize all my make up.

I had a hard time deciding between the tall and wide version mainly because of the difference in price. After talking to Sherrie about this she suggested the wide version because I had been saying I wanted one like the Kardashians. I am so glad that I went with the wide one it is sooooooo pretty, and I looooove the fact that I can see all my makeup. The drawers really do open like butter and the acrylic is so shiny and nice. I have shown a couple of my friends and they looooove it also.

The Sherrieblossom company truly sells an exceptionally beautiful, well made product and paired with their excellent customer service and dedication I would definitely order from them again and recommend them to anyone interested in an ICEbOX.

I will post a pic or video soon on how I organized all my makeup. It really is a lot more fun to get ready in the morning. Thank you so much for the beautiful ICEbOX sherrieblossom.

Posted By: Sharleen
Registered Nurse, Burlington, ON, CA
So excited I have been wanting the kardashian makeup organizer 5 drawer wide cube for a very longtime!!! My husband just ordered me one for a anniversary present can not wait to receive mine.(( 12/30/11 ))
Love watching the YouTube videos on how people use their cube and to hear how much they are very satisfied in every way for organization and the elegant look it has.
Posted By: Donna small
I love interior design, my style is traditional with a touch of contempry(Pottery Barn). I really like how Kim kardashian decorated her house and her color scheme. I absolutely adore my little dogs 2 Boston Terrier's Kobe,Max and two yorkie's Oliver & our teacup yorkie Moose. I love my handsome brilliant husband. We are self employed & own a kitchen design store. Love to travel & enjoy life., North little rock,Arkansas 72113
I just received mine today and it is worth every penny. Now I can actually see my makeup and use it. I would recommend it to all my friends. It arrived in perfect condition and this is a great company to work with.
Posted By: Carolyn Keaveney
I can't believe how beautiful my ICEbOX is!!!!! I was so excited when I saw it on sale that I had to buy one. When I placed my order, I didn't know what to expect as far as quality and because there were so many companies claiming that theirs was "luxury", but when I received my ICEbOX, the quality was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! It's way more gorgeous and shiny than the images posted and all the drawers slide out like there's nothing there! Although I have a small counter, I couldn't resist ordering the ICEbOX WIDE style just because it was what the Kardasians had.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with it and I've already shown it to all my friends. It's so convenient having all of my makeup organized just the way I'd prefer it, so I don't have to dig and scramble to find anything I need anymore.

It's just like my personal makeup counter at home. Their customer service was also phenomenal and they respond literally in 5 minutes from the dozens of emails I sent, even over the weekends.

I am EXTREMELY blown away with the level of customer service and above all, the amazing quality of the organizer.

Thanks so much Sherrieblossom for making such an amazing product!
Posted By: Ashley Nguyen
Mommy of a zoo, Bakersfield, CA
Sherrie I just got mine today and I realllllly love it! It got here ok and I'm so glad. I can't believe how gorgeous it is and it really does look so much more beautiful in person that what I saw in the pictures. Thank you so much and I'm going to post pictures soon! I love it!

Posted By: Grace L.

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