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Happy Shoppers

Carmelle Name and location: Carmelle Prospere, Coconut Creek, FLbr /What is your daytime occupation? Insurance Agent When do you feel the most gorgeous? When I'm all glammed /When do you feel like fire? On the weekends at the bar with /Name 3 things you do to pamper yourself. Facials, Mani/Pedi & /Do you have a beauty product that you'd love everyone to know about and why? Sherrie Blossom /How has the ICEbOX changed your beauty routine? The Icebox has allowed me to store my quality make up brands in one huge icebox which has plenty of storage for my products. It allows me to insert dividers so that I can separate my make up as well and overall it's just been an incredible feature to my beauty /What were your first impressions of the quality and design of the ICEbOX? My jaw dropped when I realize the quality and how much makeup I was able to / What advice can you give our fans and customers about purchasing their own ICEbOX? Do it? Worth the investment? Timeless piece of furniture worth every penny.

I love my new Little London it fits so much!! Wish I would have purchased a long time ago!

Posted By: Jasmin

So obsessed with my @sherrieblossom ICE BOX

Posted By: @christinaluciausa

OMgosh just got my Icebox!! Now I can efficiency and beautifully store my makeup<br>

Posted By: tanya_nicole_flesher

I’ve only had to clean them ONCE in all this time! Is there some sort of dust repelling feature to them? Totally serious….those Muji drawers I added are CONSTANTLY coated in dust and fingerprints andmust be cleaned with spray weekly. I wish you had something with the foorprint of the Muj...

Posted By: @sarahkalnajs

contemplating if I should depot these @maccosmetics shadows & put them in an extra large @zpalette & make more room in my @sherrieblossom ICEBOX hmm decisions decisions

Posted By: makeupsylvia

Soooo happy!!! The drawers move so smooth. I can’t wait to fill it up & post on IG the amazing product & customer service you have. Thank you for going above & beyond for me!

Posted By: Theresa Stone

my vanity where all my makeup magic happens Posted By: @makeupsylvia


Posted By: Adriana Cowal

#asherrieblossom #iceboxwide #alittleobsessed

Posted By: @makeupbyjen5

I’m so obsessed with my new #ICEbOXWIDE makeup organizer from @sherrieblossom This is a total must have if you are a makeup & product junkie like me. It’s so FABULOUS! #makeup #beauty #skincare #cosmetics #sherrieblossom #vanity #makeuporganizer #makeupstorage #getglam #luxurybeauty

Posted By: @chrissaay101

OMG! My daughter just got me the ICEbOX for Christmas and I am soooo in love! Perfect for all my #youniqueproducts❤❤ So big and gorgeous!! Thank you @sherrieblossom @naaiillaahh #sherrieblossom #icebox #makeupgoals

Posted By: @eyelookfabulous

I can finally get ready in good lighting!

Posted By: @mama_and_reagan

makeup storage

Posted By: @makeupsylvia

Magnificent #MakeupMonday ! Have a gorgeous week, Beauties! @sherrieblossom @lillyghalichi #beautyblender #glamagirls @angvalentine

Posted By: @wendirogerstv

Cleaned out my @sherrieblossom ICEBOX. I have had it for a few years now and keep it clean using #Novus plastic cleaner. See more of what’s inside on my SnapChat

Posted By: @lana.alicia

Ok guys, so here’s the quick pic of my new vanity!!! Im still not done organizing and I still wanna add some shelves to display some of my makeup…

Posted By: @shoegirl295

Yay to organization!

Posted By: @elisefirestonemua

Meet my new best friend @sherrieblossom. I can not wait to share more photos with you. This thing is awesome!!!!

Posted By: Katarina Van Derham

Ice Box bin reorganized… I absolutely love this case. I get so excited when I buy new makeup and put it in my IceBox. Great product! I tell everyone about it

Posted By: @LondonFoxWorth

I would like to thank youtubes make up tutorials for NOT making it impossible to get ready in less than an hour, @sherrieblossom ICEBOX for the ability to organize all of my beautiful stuff. The ICEBOX IS AMAZING!! @anastasiabeverlyhills for a bizillion products to choose from and I love all of them

Posted By: @romyraves

I am so spoiled thank u to my honey for my 3rd sherrieblossom ice box love it” #makeuporganizer #dreamvanity #vanity #ICEBOX #ICEbOXStardust

Posted By: @acainy

2nd #icebox because one just wasn’t enough

Posted By: @lori_style


Posted By: @suzystonehhk

So excited that my #makeup and #jewelry is all organized in my new #ICEbOX by @sherrieblossom

Posted By: @lyndsayzmakeup

A special request from @sherrieblossom #sherrieblossom @vanitygirlhollywood #icebox #vanity

Posted By: @lori_style

Absolutely obsessed with my Sherrie Blossom icebox! It’s time to get organized ✨

Posted By: @danydshanaomi

NEW VIDEO!! THE #GLAMVANITY!! I show you guys my entire makeup collection and my #glamvanity tour!

Posted By: @arikasato

#icebox @sherrieblossom finally got it setup!

Posted By: @carlyshear

#icebox #love #makeup #skincare #girlstuff #happy @sherrieblossom

Posted By: @carlyshear

#icebox #customhome #columns #masterbath @sherrieblossom

Posted By: @carlyshear

The only thing that has ever kept my large makeup collection/obsession organized. I have the ICeBox WIDE. Tap for tags.

Posted By: @sunsetblonde

Revisiting my girl cave….this is the state of the cave a few months ago, I will post a few update pics over the next week of the cave and my makeup collection. #girlcave #makeupcollection #makeupfavorites #makeup #vanity #makeupvanity #makeupstorage #lightedmirror

Posted By: @sarahkalnajs

Welcome home to mama!!

Welcome home to mama!!

Posted By: @liliannastelmach

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