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Carmelle Name and location: Carmelle Prospere, Coconut Creek, FLbr /What is your daytime occupation? Insurance Agent When do you feel the most gorgeous? When I'm all glammed /When do you feel like fire? On the weekends at the bar with /Name 3 things you do to pamper yourself. Facials, Mani/Pedi & /Do you have a beauty product that you'd love everyone to know about and why? Sherrie Blossom /How has the ICEbOX changed your beauty routine? The Icebox has allowed me to store my quality make up brands in one huge icebox which has plenty of storage for my products. It allows me to insert dividers so that I can separate my make up as well and overall it's just been an incredible feature to my beauty /What were your first impressions of the quality and design of the ICEbOX? My jaw dropped when I realize the quality and how much makeup I was able to / What advice can you give our fans and customers about purchasing their own ICEbOX? Do it? Worth the investment? Timeless piece of furniture worth every penny.
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