Novus Starter Kit
Novus Starter Kit

Novus Starter Kit

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Protect the delicate Lucite with Novus plastic cleaner and remove scratches and scuffs with the perfect cleaning kit! Using cleaning agents other than Novus can cause crazing and bubbling.


Qty 2 Packets of #2 Fine Scratch Remover
Qty 2 Bottles of #1 Plastic Cleaner 2 oz. with spray nozzle
Qty 1 Cleaning and buffing cloth
* Please note that the Novus Trio has been updated to come include:

*Stay away from common household cleaners such as Windex and products containing alcohol and or harsh chemicals as it will strip the luster and cause crazing (tiny hairline cracks) in the acrylic over time. Keep away from heat from blow dryers, curling irons, light bulbs, direct sunlight, and products containing alcohol such as hairspray, perfume, makeup remover, and other common household products. If these chemicals have come into contact with your ICEbOX rinse immediately and use Novus products to clean.*

Ever seen a diamond that was just cleaned? Notice how much more of a dazzling sparkle it promotes? You can transform your dusty, dirty, dull acrylic makeup organizer into a dazzling gem again with our new NOVUS STARTER KIT! Acrylic is a very delicate material that must be maintained with the proper cleaning agents. Our Novus Starter Kit is a perfect package to maintain the high gloss of our acrylic organizers.  Normal wear and tear, water, lime stains, makeup, and dust will reduce the clarity of the ICEbOX, so it's imperative to keep it looking like the first day it arrived to your doorstep!

The Sherrieblossom Company is a proud distributor of Novus products!

It is extremely important to maintain the luster of your ICEbOX and remove dust and debris with the proper cleaning agents. Novus acrylic cleaning products are the best choice to restore dirty, stained, dulled, or lightly scuffed acrylic into a sparkling gem again. Novus promotes unbelievable shine allowing the true transparency of Lucite to sparkle. It will preserve the longevity of the ICEbOX'S high gloss.  It's AMAZING!