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I’m a SHORTY but you’d be surprised at how much I can store! Add your initials made with Swarovski for that added bling!


Become an ICEbOX Baddie that goes BIG! We'll design your initials drizzled in authentic iridescent white Aurora Borealis Swarovski with your very own initials to take your glam to the next level! Instructions:

1) add the ICEBOX to your cart

2) If you’d like two initials being “AP” then select the “A” and click add to cart, then add the “P” and click add to cart.

Grid Insert - For WIDE Styles

Newly re-designed with two size options. Create 6 even pockets or a combo of small and long to suit your needs!

$18.00 each

Available on backorder


Create adjustable columns for more versatility by adding extra slides!

$18.00 each


The perfect accessory to organize and display your lippies for easy access!

$35.00 each

Available on backorder


Forget about stacking and digging for your palettes! Display & organize them standing up in the all new 7 slot Palette Stand!

$35.00 each

Available on backorder

Novus Starter Kit

Protect the delicate Lucite acrylic and luster with the Novus kit which includes a plastic cleaner and wax to shine buff and remove scuffs or deep scratches! Using cleaning agents other than Novus can cause crazing and bubbling which is permanent damage and irreversible.

$19.00 each

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In stock

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If inventory is not in stock during your time of purchase, it will be made to order and based on a waiting list.

This design is perfect for those with limited counter space. The popular 5″ lid area allows for products such as foundations, creams, moisturizers, nail polish, lens solutions, sunblock, and much more, to stand upright. To stand even taller bottles upright, simply fold the lid all the way back against the back of the ICEbOX!

There are a total of 6 pockets in the grid inserts. The grid inserts are very versatile and can be adjusted to create larger pockets on one side by removing a piece. The X insert can also be adjusted by stacking both pieces on the same side creating a larger space on the opposite side.

Most customers prefer all drawers filled with inserts and there will be two empty drawers in which you can purchase extra inserts for. Extra inserts add much more utility and versatility to drawer space.

*Stay away from common household cleaners such as Windex which may strip the luster and cause crazing which are hairline cracks in the acrylic. Novus is the only brand we trust to preserve the beauty of the ICEbOX and remove scuffs*

Recommended accessories to add for the full set:

1 grid skinny
3 slides
1 Novus
1-2 Palette Stands (2 fits in the lid area)

5 tier – 4 drawers
Size: 12Lx12Wx13″H
Lid 5″H, Drawer 2″H

Comes with 3 free inserts: X divider in the lid, 1 grid set, 1 slide set

Additional information

Weight 20.0000 lbs
Dimensions 19.0000 × 17.0000 × 17.0000 in



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