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Production Lead Time

Production Lead Time


We’d like to begin by distinguishing The Sherrieblossom Company from the many online acrylic makeup companies on the market. The ICEbOX is produced in the U.S. with Lucite acrylic invented by the worldfamous Dupont and is recognized as the most beautiful acrylic in the world. Due to the breathtaking quality and functionality, the ICEbOX created an entire thriving niche industry and our products remain the worldclass leaders.



The ICEbOX is made with our proprietary glue that our chemist mixed especially for the ICEbOX. It is nearly invisible at the joints and seams and promotes the clarity which the ICEbOX is acclaimed for.Our process is an extremely meticulous process and we will not compromise the quality of the ICEbOX in order to push them out a week or two earlier. The average lead time is roughly 3 weeks, but we’ve sped things up quite a bit here at The Sherrieblossom Company, and have been able to frequently ship within a week of the initial purchase order. Lead times are dependent on many factors to include stage of production we are at during the time of your purchase, style currently being fabricated, and volume during that specific month.
Each cut acrylic piece is polished with a real diamond which is a laboroous process. This extra step creates a magical mirroed refection which adds additional sparkle to every angle.
Only Lucite designer acrylic which has 100% opacity is used.
Each ICEbOX is made to flawless or near flawless grade.




A limited amount is produced each month. Once you place your order, it will be shipped according to the date of purchase. If it is not in stock, you’ll be placed on a waiting list and your order will ship once production is finished. Tracking information will be emailed.

The ICEbOX is not just a plastic cosmetic storage – it is work of art. The fabrication process is a time consuming and labor intensive process that requires meticulous attention to each and every single detail.


Contrary to popular misconception, pieces of the organizers are not glued all at once.Certain aspects of the organizer can be hand assembled faster than others, and sometimes certain parts of the organizer require more time than other parts. Some weeks, production is slower due to those specific parts being tailored, but the following week, production speeds up with the remaining process. There are over 450 individual handmade steps in the process to fabricate just one ICEbOX. Apparent bubbling isn’t noticeable until the glue cures. Once an assembled piece is dry and the absence of large and apparent bubbles are notated, we proceed by fabricating the next pieces. If large bubbles are detected which obstructs the overall aesthetics of the ICEbOX, the piece(s) is discarded and the piece is remade until each fabricated part meets our strict quality control standards.
Although this process is time consuming and tedious, it is the same process which many high-end products such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton handbags, and Christian Louboutin shoes are made. The demand for the ICEbOX continues to grow and we take extra measures to ensure that our customers continue to receive the most pristine makeup organizer in the world.
Each batch will vary in lead time based on the volume of orders for that specific month during your time of purchase and the style which is currently in production. Each order is fabricated based on the date of purchase with the oldest orders as priority, so we ask that our customers remain patient to allow the time required to produce our exquisite products.




The ICEbOX is an absolute work of art and require many hours of intensive and meticulous labor to produce with the exceptional world class standard we’ve been known to produce. Each acrylic makeup organizer must be prisitine before it leaves our doors or it will not be shipped. The ICEbOX is a long term investment and not just a beauty purchase.


We hope you appreciate the extra measures we take to ensure you receive the world’s most flawless makeup organizer ever made!


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